Challenging Business Process to Create Better Data and Insights

Because… Tradition?

Who doesn’t love traditions? While I am not the most nostalgic guy, I certainly have a handful of traditions that I hold dear. I think as we blaze bravely ahead, it’s important to remember where we come from, both good and bad to influence a better future. Sure, we all have traditions on a personal […]

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Serving Data Consumers Not Just What They Need, But Also What They Want

Hunters Eat Better Than Gatherers

My last few blog posts have discussed how data failure happens, and how we can change failure into success (with a little economic thinking). Continuing with that train of thought, in this post I’ll be discussing how we can better implement analytic solutions by challenging the convention of requirements gathering. Don’t “Gather Requirements”. Hunt for […]

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Explaining Data Failure with a Little Econ 101

Supply, Demand and Data

In my last blog post, I discussed how I think that the way most people talk about BI and analytics is incorrect, how data is fluid, and some of the biggest issues I see when helping clients. I’m going to continue that discussion in this blog post, but pivot the conversation from what is wrong […]

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Which Version Was It Again?

Recently I had to verify the version of an OBIEE installation for a client. As I was already ssh-ed into the Linux machine, I figured there was a way to determine the version without having to log into the presentation server. Turns out, I was right, but for thoroughness sake, I’ll cover both approaches. Using […]

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Bring the Noise

As I’ve been discussing in my last few blogs, it’s possible to start using OBIEE for analytics, rather than the standard operational reporting and BI that is commonplace. Data science has been quite the buzz the last few years, and no doubt about it, data scientists can bring great value and understanding to an organization, […]

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Cluster Func 

Clustering. Whether we’re talking about headaches, compute nodes, or uh, well, I’ll let you fill in the blank… isn’t anything worth doing, worth doing together? Clustering can be a powerful tool for understanding the relationships between data, and in this post I’ll walk through how to use the OBIEE 12c Advanced Analytics Cluster Function. As […]

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