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Checkmate Studio

Linux (AppImage) Windows 7+

Checkmate Build Framework

JAR Library

Getting Started

Helpful documents and links to get you going with your CheckmateStudio

How to Videos

How to Videos

Useful Video Library

Starter Git Repository

Starter Git Repository

Simply fork this GitHub repository to get started with the Build Framework. Coming soon.

Legal Info

Legal Info

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Under what circumstances can I use the free App
Read this.

I download it, but I cannot figure out how to get started. What do I do?
Make sure you check out our instructional videos here. Still confused? Contact us, we can discuss options for support.

Why should I subscribe to Checkmate support?
Full subscription options are outlined more here. This will allow you to take Checkmate to the next level, with frequent updates, gatekeeper services, automated deployments and much more.

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