Red Pill Analytics Builds a Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse From Scratch at Facet Wealth

Rising to the Challenge with DataOps

Stakeholder Involvement is Key

  • Google BigQuery
  • AWS Redshift

  • Matillion
  • Stitch
  • Alooma
  • StreamSets

  • Rivery
  • Informatica
  • Segment
  • dbt

Stitch, Streamsets & dbt Pipelines for 11 Source Systems

Insightful Data, Delivered

One More Thing


“With the transformation of our company to be a data-driven business, it’s crucial to implement the right infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and dependable. Having one place in which we implement business logic across various systems and having the consistency of reporting and analytics that utilize the same data and logic across the board is going to help us scale our business and data/analytics needs in the correct manner.”
Gorkem Sevinc, Chief Architect


  • Data Warehouse built from scratch
  • Better insight into their data 
  • Time saving strategies
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Affordable & modern solution

Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual Matthew Coombs - Read online

Matthew Coombs


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Format: pdf, epub, fb2, txt,audiobook
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Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual.pdf
Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual.txt
Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual.epub
Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual.fb2
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Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual.mp3

Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual book

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  • Design a Star Schema data model optimized to answer the analytic questions
  • Use Stitch and StreamSets to replicate all data into a “replication layer” into Google BigQuery
  • Use dbt to load and lightly transform required data from the replication layer into a Stage database and into the data warehouse layer (EDW).  
  • Regression and Data Quality Testing was developed using built-in functionality in db

  • Data Warehouse with one source of data
  • Increased overall performance for reporting and analytics functionality
  • Streamlined and refined processes
  • Scalable solution that grows by consumption
  • Modern DataOps approach

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