You’ve entered the Matrix and are standing next to an old-fashioned rotary phone in a dim room. As your eyes adjust to the dark, you look around. Below a sign that reads “Cloud Analytics Journey,” you see two passageways. One leads to a brightly lit shortcut, while the other seems longer but comes with a flashlight. Somehow, you know that both paths lead to enlightenment.

What do you do?

You are feeling pretty confident about your cloud journey thus far and choose to take the short, bright path.

You are unsure of what lies ahead. You are in need of guidance, so you grab the flashlight and take the longer path.

Meet the ETL Converter

How do we take customers automatically to dbt faster than they can with their own ETL tool? Instead of focusing on the Legacy ETL platform, our automated process focuses on the executed SQL code. It’s quicker and more efficient than repurposing an outdated Legacy tool for the cloud.


The ETL Converter process automatically captures SQL executions and converts to dbt models.

Cost Effective

Migrating Legacy ETL tools are expensive. We focus on the code, not the platform.


Our ETL Process is built for speed, allowing customers to move faster than they would repurposing their Legacy tools.


We convert dbt code without multiple conversion processes: Legacy ETL Tools, Custom scripts, and ETL Procedural Code on source databases.

Our partners.

Our partnerships provide a diverse set of highly specialized tools and resources, designed to work together to implement your data strategy.

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