Bored in Quarantine? Our Events are now Free Webinars!

COVID-19 has created an anxiety-ridden week. With the chaos of preparing to quarantine over (hopefully), what’s next? If you’re looking for a way to be productive at home, we have an answer – we’ve taken our canceled and postponed live events and converted them to online educational opportunities. With a worldwide pandemic at our heels, analytics is more important than ever, and we want to promote data literacy as we adjust to this new reality.

Check out these four webinars scheduled for late March – April, led by Stewart Bryson, analytics experts, and the Red Pill Analytics team. Be sure to register soon as spots are limited.

March 30 — Tuesday, 1:00 pm EST

ACEs @home — Analytics

Francesco Tisiot, Gianni Cersa, Brendan Tierney, Stewart Bryson

Oracle has targeted 3 main topics: Database, APEX and Analytics. 4 sessions per topic over the afternoon to not interfere too heavily with daily activities.

Attendance is free and open to everyone!

1:00 PM — Francesco Tisiot — Upgrade to OAS: How and Why

2:00 PM — Gianni Ceres — Data Lineage made easy with Graph Databases

3:00 PM — Brendan Tierney — ML new features in 19c & 20c

4:00 PM — Stewart Bryson — Does Your Data Have a Story? Find Out with Oracle Analytics

April 1 — Wednesday, 1:00 pm EST

Data Engineering and the Death of Visual ETL

Stewart Bryson

A funny thing happened on the way to modern, data-driven analytics: we ditched the GUI for ETL development. There are drawbacks to moving data using code instead of clicks, especially for organizations heavily invested in visual tools. But writing code has an upside as well.

In this presentation, we’ll explore the data engineering discipline, and how it compares to conventional ETL. Using Databricks and Snowflake together, we’ll look at classic batch and modern streaming use cases, and consider DataOps requirements around testing and delivery where code really shines. And we’ll do it all inside of an interactive notebook.

April 7 — Tuesday, 1:00 pm EST

All I Need Is SQL and a DAG

Stewart Bryson

While enterprise data and analytics software has been abstracting SQL out of our daily lives for decades, distributed data platforms and cloud-native data warehouses have been pushing their chips all in with SQL, and virtually all big data technologies now support it. We all know SQL, so why do enterprise software vendors think it’s such a sin to actually use it?

In this presentation, I’ll describe a modern approach to data integration and ETL using plain SQL and a directed acyclic graph, or DAG. Using the open-source dbt (Data Build Tool) project for demo purposes, we’ll see data and analytics delivered with a modern software discipline, including version control and code review, automated testing, and continuous integration and delivery.

April 15 — Wednesday, 1:00 pm EST

Stump The Experts

Stewart Bryson & Red Pill Analytics Team

Do you have a question about cloud migration, distributed data platforms, or analytics modernization? Attend this webinar and ask your question. Take advantage of our moderated open forum with Red Pill Analytics Experts. We’ll be covering all our analytics bases with team members experienced in Snowflake, Looker, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, Fivetran, dbt, confluent, StreamSets, Segment, and WhereScape.

If you have a particularly difficult problem or want to ensure we cover your question, we encourage you to submit questions early here.

Stewart is the Founder & CEO of Red Pill Analytics (an Innive Company) and has been building data-driven applications since 1996. He is an internationally recognized writer and speaker in the data and analytics community and holds numerous community advocacy titles, including Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and Oracle ACE Director.

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