Coming from your Friendly Neighborhood Snowflake Data Hero

Yeah. Yep. Big hero moment. (Captain Marvel 59:58)

Good news is hard to come by these days, so it’s nice when we have something to celebrate. The world, despite the doom, does go on. So when we got the news that Stewart Bryson (CEO of Red Pill Analytics) had been given the title of Data Hero by Snowflake, we were thrilled. What other opportunities would we have to turn his avatar into a full-blown, cape-draped spectacle of awesomeness? Since he’s a comic book aficionado, we’re pretty sure he dresses like this normally anyway… just not in public.

You’re worthy of your title! (I Thor 28:54)

A Data Hero is someone who has contributed significantly to the data community. You can’t just be a data expert - here comes the hero part - you’ve got to share and elevate that knowledge within the Snowflake community. Stewart has earned this honor by speaking and hosting at countless Snowflake meetups, user groups, and conferences over the years. He has a natural ability to not only speak eloquently but to teach complex concepts in understandable ways. It is a talent that has enabled him to share Snowflake’s capabilities with hundreds of people.

Stewart, who has been working with data and analytics since 1996, appreciates the title:

“I’m honored to be recognized by Snowflake for my expertise and community involvement. Snowflake is an enabling force with our customers, removing the scalability issues we’ve struggled with for years on-premises. Every new Snowflake engagement for us is just another opportunity to deliver value to customers.”

I just want to thank you for letting me be part of your journey…(I Spider-Man 43:09)

A huge thank you to Danny Bryant, who nominated Stewart for the title:

“When Snowflake announced the Data Heroes program, Stewart was the first name that came to mind. He has been a pillar in the data warehousing and analytics community for years, a vocal advocate for modernizing the DW platform, and a strong supporter of that platform being Snowflake. Stewart not only walks the walk, but talks the talk, and exemplifies what a Snowflake Data Hero is. I was happy to nominate him for it, and 100% enthused about his acceptance.”

And of course, thank you to Snowflake for acknowledging the effort and works that these Data Heroes put into bettering their community.

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