What is dbt?

dbt is a command line tool built by dbt Labs that allows data analysts and engineers to take control of the entire analytics engineering workflow. For analysts looking to transform data in a data warehouse, dbt provides an ideal and trusted SQL environment for writing data transformation code, deployment, and documentation.

Here’s why Red Pill customers love dbt


dbt gives data analysts the freedom to transform data that’s already in a data warehouse, performing the “transform” step of ELT. dbt also provides automated regression testing, ensuring data quality.


dbt has been used by over 2000 companies to build their data warehouses. Not only does dbt build data warehouses, dbt builds trust by being completely transparent to stakeholders and analysts throughout the entire documentation process.


dbt fits effortlessly into the modern BI stack, working with tools like BiqQuery, Looker, Stitch, Fivetran, Snowflake, and RedShift. 

Red Pill + dbt: See Data Differently Through dbt’s Data Transformation

To help our customers achieve an accelerated Time to Value, Red Pill Analytics partners with organizations that align with our core principles: being data-driven, agile, automated and continuous. Like Red Pill, dbt is data-driven; data transformation is the heart of its functionality. dbt’s SQL capabilities make it an extremely useful tool for analysts to take control of the entire analytics engineering workflow. 

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