How To Dynamically Format Selected Measures via Liquid Parameters in Looker

Looker gives users the ability to swap between dimensions or measures in a visualization by the use of Liquid Parameters. To learn more, explore Looker’s documentation on Liquid Parameters here

Currently, when a user selects measure from the parameter filter, it does not pass through the value format given for that measurement. In the following use case, we had a choice of three measures with different formatting needing to be applied. The formats were:

  • a whole number 
  • two decimal places and ‘%’
  • whole numbers preceding with a $ and including a comma when more than hundreds

To get the value formats passed through for each measure selected, you need a HTML parameter using the liquid parameter value in if-else statements with the following formatting:

Format Value Wanted

HTML Formatting


{{ rendered_value | round }}


{{ rendered_value | round: 2 | append: % }}


${{ rendered_value }}

Round simply rounds a number to the nearest integer or, if a number is passed as an argument, to that number of decimal places.

See the example below of the code and output for this use case:

parameter: metric_selector {
    type: string
    description: "Used as a filter to switch between KPI's"
    allowed_value: {
      label: "ARR"
      value: "arr" 
    allowed_value: {
      label: "Won Count"
      value: "won_count"

    allowed_value: {
      label: "Win Percentage"
      value: "win_percentage"

  measure: metric {
    label_from_parameter: metric_selector
    description: "Value corresponding to KPI in Metric Selector"
    type: number
    value_format: "#,##0" -- default value format for the ‘else’ values
      WHEN {% parameter metric_selector %} = 'arr'
        THEN ${arr}
      WHEN {% parameter metric_selector %} = 'won_count'
        THEN ${won_count}
      WHEN {% parameter metric_selector %} = 'win_percentage'
        THEN ${win_percentage}
  {% if metric_selector._parameter_value ==  "'won_count'" %}
  {{rendered_value | round }} -- rounds value to whole number
  {% elsif metric_selector._parameter_value == "'win_percentage'" %}
  {{ rendered_value | round: 2  | append: "%" }} -- rounds to that number of decimal places and appends a ‘%’ after the value
  {% else %}
  ${{ rendered_value }} -- takes the default value format defined above and adds a ‘$’
  {% endif %}

Screenshots of each measure before the html parameter is applied:


Screenshots after the html is applied:


Happy Looking!

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