What is Firebolt?

Firebolt is a data warehouse service;  built for engineers, by engineers—and built for speed. 

Firebolt offers customers a hyper-fast analytics experience, challenging other cloud data warehouse services. Firebolt’s rapid warehousing converts challenging data scenarios into manageable tasks, giving companies more time to focus on things that matter.

Here’s why Red Pill customers love Firebolt



Firebolt’s storage and compute-optimized technology enables unparalleled speed at data-lake scale, providing more time to focus on the user experience.

Elasticity and Scale

Firebolt simplifies workloads with exceptional ease-of-use features, such as the ability to one-click instantly scale up or down.


Firebolt’s rapid warehousing takes care of things like performance optimization, taking the frustration out of challenging data tasks.

Red Pill Analytics and Firebolt: Quicker Analytics

To help our clients achieve an accelerated Time to Value, Red Pill Analytics partners with organizations that align with our core principles: being data-driven, agile, automated and continuous. Like Red Pill, Firebolt is agile and data-driven; their service substantially improves time-to-analysis. 

Are you ready to experience faster analytics? Contact us today to learn how Firebolt and Red Pill can help your organization see data differently.