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What is GCP?

Digital transformation can’t be done with traditional tools – it takes a platform. This is why Red Pill Analytics loves the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It provides building blocks for creating, scaling and managing data-driven solutions.

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Considering GCP? Here’s what makes it great.


Complete and Modular Platform

Whether you are building a new greenfield data solution, or want to migrate existing workloads to the public cloud, GCP has all the tools you need. Everything in GCP is based on APIs, so it’s easy and painless to extend existing workloads. A modular architecture means that GCP can handle a single function or form a comprehensive solution.


BigQuery is GCP’s cloud-native data warehouse. Serverless, secure and powerful, Red Pill clients love that BigQuery has a pay-per-use model. With no infrastructure provisioning or maintenance necessary, BigQuery is easy on the administration resources. BigQuery is accessible using either JDBC/ODBC or through REST APIs, and it’s SQL interface is familiar for current relational developers.

Killer Tools

BigQuery isn’t GCP’s only secret weapon. Data Studio provides developers with an easy, click-and-drag interface for building beautiful data visualizations. Cloud Pub/Sub is a streaming analytics platform that ingests data for downstream processing through the rest of the GCP ecosystem. Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Functions make it easy to build powerful, scalable data pipelines for delivering data to a Data Lake in Google Storage and/or a data warehouse in BigQuery.

Analytics For Everyone

How is GCP Helping Companies Transform their Data?

Analytics is now available around functions and departments that previously had zero access to their data. Whether building for a small department or an entire organization, GCP’s pay-per-use model democratizes access to data at scale.

Red Pill + GCP: A Platform for Data Transoformation

To help our clients achieve an accelerated Time to Value, Red Pill Analytics partners with organizations that align with our core principles: being data-driven, agile, automated and continuous. Like Red Pill, Fivetran is data-driven; their solution is making data more readily accessible and clean. Fivetran’s zero maintenance pipeline enables agile and easy access to current and historical data using automated connectors. Fivetran’s painless data replication solution is enabling Red Pill’s clients to maintain continuous connections to the data they need to elevate their businesses.

Are you ready to experience easier data replication? Contact us today to learn how Fivetran and Red Pill can help your organization see data differently.