Let’s Talk Oracle OpenWorld 2019

Let's Talk Oracle OpenWorld 2019…But first

Before we get into OpenWorld, we have some exciting (actually… groundbreaking) news to share. Stewart Bryson, Red Pill’s CEO and Founder, was announced as a recipient of the Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador Award.

Now, what does that mean, exactly? Individuals are nominated based on their impact on the developer community and contributions to the field. It’s a prestigious title that not many can claim; there are only 10 Oracle Groundbreakers in the US and 83 worldwide. In addition to bragging rights and industry distinction, Groundbreakers are afforded speaking opportunities, technology briefings, networking events, and other cool Oracle benefits. Congrats, Stewart, we are so proud of you.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can hear from Stewart directly at one of his sessions below at Oracle Openworld and CodeOne.

OpenWorld and Oracle Code One
September 16–19, 2019
Moscone Center, San Francisco

OpenWorld is always such a success, it’s not a surprise that they’ve kept it at the Moscone Center. This year is jam-packed with over 2000 sessions. Join us to learn and network with the finest like-minded data enthusiasts on the planet. We can’t tell you how to choose the perfect agenda, but we can tell you where we’ll be. Red Pill is honored to have four sessions selected for OpenWorld.

Red Pill Sessions

Data Engineering and the Death of Visual ETL
Monday, September 16 |12:30–1:15 PM | Moscone South — Room 306
Speaker: Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics

A funny thing happened on the way to modern data-driven analytics: We ditched the GUI for ETL development. There are drawbacks to moving data by using code instead of clicks, especially for organizations heavily invested in visual tools. But writing code has an upside as well. This presentation explores the data engineering discipline and how it compares to conventional ETL. It looks at classic batch as well as modern streaming use cases and considers DataOps requirements for testing and delivery where code really shines. And you’ll see all of it done inside an interactive notebo

The Modern Data Warehouse: Any Data, Any Size, from Anywhere for Anyone
Monday, September 16 |2:45 PM – 3:30 PM | Moscone South – Room 156C
Speakers: Bertrand Matthelie, Oracle Corporation| Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics|Barry Mostert, Oracle Corporation

Is your data a gold mine or scrap heap? The quest for digital disruption has created too much data to manage. In this session learn how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud turn this challenge into opportunity. Rapidly extract any data and transform it into valuable insights. Empower business users to make data-driven decisions that can fuel innovation or even disrupt the market. Automate manual tasks, virtually eliminating human error and drive productivity. With unmatched analytical performance, outpacing the competition becomes reality. Learn how the latest advancements in augmented data management and analytics, powered by machine learning and AI, free up IT while enabling the business to unlock the true potential of its data.

Architecture Live: Cloud Data Warehousing in an On-Premise World
Tuesday, September 17 |12:30–1:15 PM | Moscone West — Room 2011A
Speaker: Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics

Cloud data warehousing is not a new concept, but why is a data warehouse built for the cloud so different from its on-premises predecessors? In this “Architecture Live” session, hear from two industry experts as they describe the current state of on-premise data warehousing, including the good, the bad, and the ugly, and then dive into what makes a cloud data warehouse architecture so different and more effective. With input from the audience, discuss each architecture live. Examples of various cloud data warehouse technologies are described, including Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Snowflake, and others. Leave empowered and prepared for the future of data warehousing.

The New Face of Oracle Analytics
Tuesday, September 17 |5:15–6:00 PM | Moscone South — Room 151C
Speaker: Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics

Oracle Analytics is a mature solution, and mature solutions cause a natural tendency to stay the course regarding what is created and how. But is this tendency causing you to settle for just good enough? Maybe it’s time for a reboot. In this session explore the new face of Oracle Analytics, both directly with Oracle Data Visualization, and indirectly with how advances in the platform can affect your approach and methodology. If you are new to Oracle Analytics, learn why this product is capable of fostering modern, data-driven cultures. If you’ve been around the block already with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, look at how you’ve delivered analytics in the past and see if there is a better way.

Are you going to OpenWorld 2019? We’d love to meet and talk data. Contact us here. Be sure to register for OpenWorld/Code One by Sept. 30th for extra savings.

Red Pill Analytics is an Oracle Partner experienced not only in working with Oracle but also advising organizations on overall data strategy. Our knowledge spans a variety of offerings across all of the major public cloud providers. From proof-of-concept to implementation to training your users, we can help. If you are interested in guidance while working with any of your data projects, feel free to reach out to us any time on our website or find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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