Planning a BI cloud migration?
Do a “modernization” instead.

Leaving legacy systems for the cloud can be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why our modernization services offer the best of both worlds. Modernization allows you to reap long-term value from your current legacy system so you can reach your business goals quickly, affordably, and with confidence.

What does it mean to Modernize?

Modern Cloud Platform

Upgrade, consolidate, and integrate your pre-existing systems (analytics content, database models, ETL processes, and metadata) with cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies.

Increased Usability

Enhance existing data models with downstream SQL-based semantics to increase usability across different analytics tools.

Cost Efficiency

Extract information from your current legacy BI tools to maximize the value of your existing investments, with familiar tools like Looker, Snowflake or BQ, Fivetran/Stitch, and dbt/Dataform.

Speed & Agility

Embrace modern metadata catalogs that emphasize agility and speed of delivery, enabling quicker, data-driven decisions.

Improved User Experience

Refactor visualizations and data narratives alongside existing legacy reports to improve the overall user experience.

Scalable & Autonomous Support

Business needs change. Whether you’re experiencing an increased data workload or the slowness of an off-season, our flexible and agile delivery scales to your needs.

Optimizing the BI Legacy

Legacy BI tools and on-premises data warehouses were designed during an era when storage was expensive, and the size and shape of our processing plane were static. Our goal when building with these tools was simple: reduce data movement, duplication, and churn. We ended up building data models that were difficult to express without complicated semantic models and metadata catalogs, requiring expensive enterprise BI tools that are now hard to remove. Modernization offers a leveraged solution.

Our years of experience transitioning organizations to the cloud has allowed us to build an approach that offers an integrated solution. We introduce a triage process using the MoSCoW method that allows us to work with stakeholders to understand the relative value of core data and analytics content. 

Why should you avoid traditional migrations?

Avoid Obsolete Data Models

    • Propagation of physical data models that emphasis data thrift and require complicated join patterns
    • Complicated and inflexible metadata catalogs so users can understand the physical models

Avoid Impractical Dashboards

Reimplementations of reports and dashboards that decision-makers don’t particularly like or even use

Avoid Antiquated Visuals

    • A subpar user experience that isn’t aligned with new concepts in data storytelling and visualization

What is the MoSCoW Method?

The MoSCoW method is a prioritization technique used for project management:
M (Must Have), S (Should Have), C (Could Have), W (Won’t Have).

Our Toolbox to Modernization

Consider tools when modernizing instead of migrating


dbt is a command line tool built by Fishtown Analytics that allows data analysts and engineers to take control of the entire analytics engineering workflow.


Snowflake, a modern data warehouse solution, is designed exclusively to be a cloud-native data warehouse.


Fivetran takes the pain out of data replication, with a low-configuration data pipeline & zero-maintenance service.


BigQuery is GCP’s cloud-native data warehouse. Serverless, secure and powerful, Red Pill clients love that BigQuery has a pay-per-use model.