Red Pill Founders Lead Tracks at Collaborate and Kscope16

Wouldn’t it be remarkable to find a group of people who use the same Oracle technologies, connect those people in meaningful ways, and build a community using those connections? Users could share tips, training, and real-world experiences, improving everyone’s technical capabilities, while building lasting relationships. Then… imagine if these groups had events where the community was manifested physically — maybe about a week or so in length — so that the aggregate intelligence of the group for that week was massive in scale. We could even give these events cool names… something like “Collaborate”… or perhaps “Kscope”, and maybe even have a little fun while we’re at it.

Of course these events already exist, and they are valuable resources to the Oracle community. Kevin and Stewart are strong supporters of these events and the community as a whole, so it makes sense that they would be involved in ensuring these events are the best they can be. This year, our founders are each heading up separate tracks at the major user group conferences.

Stewart has partnered with IOUG to create an outstanding agenda focusing on the Technical Side of Business Intelligence at Collaborate, April 10-14 in Las Vegas.

  • The Technical Side of Business Intelligence – With all the buzz around Big Data and real-time analytics, a great deal of attention is being given to BI applications, but all of these applications are useless without a strong underlying structure for collecting, storing and accessing your data. Sessions with this theme will cover topics like data warehousing, reporting, analysis, modeling, spatial and data mining.

Abstracts are due by November 6.

Kevin is serving as the content lead for Big Data and Advanced Analytics for ODTUG Kscope16, June 26-30 in Chicago. This is a new track at Kscope, showcasing ODTUG’s continued dedication to growing the conference into new and evolving subject areas.

The deadline to submit abstracts is October 15, so don’t delay!

Red Pill looks forward to seeing you at Collaborate and Kscope this year.