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Streaming Audio: A Confluent podcast about Apache Kafka

Learn all about the process of migrating from traditional ETL tools to an event streaming platform in this informative Podcast. Stewart Bryson dispels misconceptions around what “streaming ETL” means, and explains why event streaming and event-driven architectures compel us to rethink old approaches. He’ll also discuss Gradle and how it’s being used at Red Pill Analytics.

Episode Title: ETL and Event Streaming Explained ft. Stewart Bryson

Date: Nov 6, 2019

Length: 49 minutes

Drill to Detail

Mark Rittman, Founder and CEO of Rittman Analytics is joined by returning guests Tristan Handy, Founder and CEO of Fishtown Analytics and Stewart Bryson, Founder and CEO of Red Pill Analytics to talk about the recent acquisitions of Looker by Google Cloud Platform and Tableau by Salesforce, the wider story about consolidation in the BI industry and whether the trend in analytics tools is towards enterprise features … or open source?

Episode Title: Ep.69 'Looker, Tableau and Consolidation in the BI Industry' featuring Special Guests Tristan Handy and Stewart Bryson

Date: June 24, 2019

Length: 57 minutes

Google Cloud Platform Podcast

In this episode, Google Play Marketing is the customer of Google Cloud Platform. Melanie and Mark chat with Dom Elliott (Google Play) and Stewart Bryson (Red Pill Analytics) about how they use our big data processing and visualisation tools to introspect what is happening in the Google Play ecosystem. Learn the details on how they used the Google Cloud Platform to build a serverless digital marketing platform for Google Play MarComms.

Episode Title: Google Play Marketing with Dom Elliot and Stewart Bryson

Date: Feb 20, 2018

Length: 38 minutes