See Social Media Differently

Organizations using a variety of digital marketing channels are challenged with efficiently measuring and comparing their effectiveness. Marketing teams have to collect, curate and review the analytics generated by the different social media and digital platforms, or continue to analyze engagement in silos.

Trinity changes that. Trinity is a cloud-based analytics platform that provides a holistic view of all your digital engagement channels.

What can Trinity do?




Trinity automatically imports data from digital channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google+ and AdWords into one place.




Using the power of Data Studio and BigQuery in the Google Cloud Platform, users can filter and sort engagement activity across a variety of different dimensions. Use Trinity's prebuilt dashboards, or design your own.




Trinity automatically delivers engagement data over time. You can isolate and track individual social channels, or identify top trends across all your platforms. It's all possible with Trinity.

How is Trinity Building Better Stories from Social Media Data?

Twitter Trinity Screenshot

Trinity helps companies answer essential questions about social marketing data, including:

  • Which channels provide the highest numbers of favorites, likes, shares or recommends?
  • What are people saying about our product?
    Does the sentiment of our messaging affect engagement?
  • How many page likes, shares or recommends are we getting?

How is Trinity Changing the way Businesses see Social Media Data?

Common Business Challenges

Fragmented marketing structure:

  • Different users managing each social media platform
  • Inability for managers of one platform to cross-reference and analyze data from other platforms
  • Inability to capture and analyze high-level insights from all channels

The Trinity Solution

Trinity helps marketing teams align access and process:

  • Trinity brings data from various channels together into one solution and interface
  • Designated marketing stakeholders can use Trinity to quickly access analytics collected from other platforms
  • Trinity’s data visualization capabilities help users quickly see and understand singular trends across different social media channels


Are you interested in adding Trinity to your analytics portfolio?