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Why Red Pill Analytics? Like the Matrix, we felt the worlds of data and analytics were stuck in a mirage. We wanted to challenge the way these capabilities were delivered by embracing the cloud, software development techniques, and agile delivery methodologies. In a world brimming with data, we find inspiration from an iconic choice—the red and blue pills. At Red Pill Analytics, ‘red’ is more than a color—it’s a symbol of insight and the unyielding pursuit of truth in data. While data engineering has changed substantially over our 10+ years in the industry, this idea of “Seeing Data Differently” is still at the core of everything we do.

Red Pill Analytics was founded with a focus on Oracle Business Intelligence, but grew alongside the industry evolution and embraced broader, more advanced analytics technologies and strategies. In 2019, Red Pill was acquired by Innive Inc. which significantly expanded our capabilities and resources, allowing us to provide more scalable and adaptable solutions to our customers

For more insights into the origin and philosophies of Red Pill Analytics, check out the original blog post of one of our founders, Stewart Bryson, who chose ‘red’ and never looked back.

Meet the Leadership Team

We’re a team of data experts, data consultants, tech leaders, creative minds, work-at-home world travelers- all united in our passion for data.

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Gautham Sampath


Robert Barnes

Solutions Delivery Director

Account & Project Manager

Kristi Smith

Renee Brindo-Vas

Communications & Marketing Lead

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Alyssa Kunau

Architect Lead

Empowered by Leading Technological Partners

See how our partnerships can transform your data strategy.

What Our Clients Say

Real feedback from our clients.

“With the transformation of our company to be a data-driven business, it’s crucial to implement the right infrastructure that is scalable, flexible, and dependable”

Financial Services Company

“Our team has freed up headcount to devote to merger and acquisitions related activities and not on cumbersome manual reporting” 

CFO at Government Admin Company

“I was constantly surprised at what was possible. It was very helpful doing everything iteratively because I had sort of rough ideas at the very beginning, but I didn’t really know what was possible in these products”

Head of MarComms at Google Play

“Having one place in which we implement business logic across various systems and having the consistency of reporting and analytics that utilize the same data across the board is going to help us scale our business”

Chief Architect at Financial Services Company

Case Studies

We’ve helped businesses leverage data to solve complex challenges across industries.

Red Pill Analytics builds a serverless digital marketing analytics platform for Google Play Marcomms in the Google Cloud Platform

Red Pill Analytics Builds a Modern Data Platform for a National Health Registry

Red Pill Analytics Builds a Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse From Scratch

Our Core Values

Here’s what we stand by



We prioritize flexibility and rapid adaptability, enabling us to swiftly address the evolving needs of our clients. Our approach ensures that our solutions lead, not just keep up.



Flexability is at the heart of our operations. By integrating the latest technologies and methodologies, we stay ahead of the curve.



We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Transparency and fairness guide all our actions, delivering reliable and honest outcomes to our clients.

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