The Glimpse Initiative

Whether you’re looking for a quick start, getting new departments on board, or need a fresh data source, the Glimpse Initiative is the approach for you.

What is the Glimpse Initiative?

A program to deliver analytics in a fraction of the time compared to more traditional approaches. We focus on a specific business case with a few key metrics and deliver those metrics using a cloud-native data warehouse.

How do we do it?

We combine a cloud replication tool with the power of Looker to rapidly deliver analytics for the defined use case. Data is replicated to a cloud-native data warehouse — including options such as BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift/Athena — with analytics delivered by Looker.

How long will it take?

21 Days


Are you ready to learn more?

Who is this for?

Any customer with a defined use case that is unserved or underserved with traditional tools and processes. For customers yet to make investments into cloud-native technologies, we offer a 21-day-trial from Fivetran, Looker, and Snowflake exclusively for the Glimpse Initiative.