The Glimpse Initiative

Accelerate your analytics

Lightning-Fast Insights with Cloud-Native Precision

The Glimpse Initiative is designed to deliver analytics in a fraction of the time by combining a cloud replication tool with the power of Looker. Data is replicated to a cloud-native data warehouse — including options such as BigQuery or Snowflake — with analytics delivered by Looker.

Rapid Implementation

Swift setup and deployment, ensuring you can start leveraging valuable data insights quickly and efficiently.


Designed to grow with your business, our solutions adapt to increasing data volumes and complexity.

Targeted Business Metrics

Focus on the most critical metrics for your business, ensuring relevant and actionable insights.

Enhanced Data Viz

Transform complex data into intuitive, easy-to-understand visual representations for better decision-making.

Advanced Data Modeling

Use Looker ML’s data modeling capabilities to simplify complex data sets, automate insights, and create scalable, reusable data models.

Expert Guidance

Eliminates the need for manual database management. Focus on data insights rather than maintaining infrastructure.

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