The Architect Room

This is a premier strategy consultation. We examine critical aspects of your data platform and provide a customized, platform-agnostic roadmap to modernization

Elastic Delivery

Our unique approach and Agile methodology allow you to choose your development team size and begin delivering quickly, just like with Software as a Service.


Whether you are shifting, modernizing or upgrading, Red Pill Analytics can provide you with highly technical well-rounded consultants to take you the next step of your journey.

Single Doses

We don’t just do Strategy and Capacity Analytics; we build a program that works for you.

For specific short-term needs outside the development workstream, engage us to guide, teach, and support you on your BI & Analytics journey.

How we think?

Data and analytics platforms are changing at a rapid pace, but the usual approach to delivering these platforms is not. We believe that analytics delivery should focus less on up-front definition and more on rapid, iterative evolution. We also believe that analytics development should utilize the same tools and techniques common in other development paradigms.

We focus on these two principles, and it allows us to deliver value quickly to users, all without having to land large consulting teams onsite. We constantly evaluate every aspect of analytics delivery, and our customers benefit from a more efficient, more valuable, and less expensive model.

Why the Red Pill?

In the 1999 science fiction movie “The Matrix” the main character, Neo, is given a choice to take the blue pill or the red pill. The blue pill would allow him to go back to the mirage he’s always known, where the red pill allows him to open his eyes to a new reality.

Red Pill Analytics was founded because we felt the worlds of data and analytics were stuck in a mirage. We wanted to challenge the way these capabilities were delivered by embracing the cloud, software development techniques, and agile delivery methodologies. It became clear to us that the scene of Neo taking the red pill would serve as a great metaphor for our future customers to open their eyes, embrace new approaches, and #SeeDataDifferently.

Our Mission

The world of technology has changed dramatically over the last twenty years, but the delivery of BI & Analytics has not. We believe that BI & Analytics delivery should focus less on up-front definition and more on rapid, iterative evolution. Development in BI & Analytics should be done using the same principles and techniques as other mature development platforms. If you can focus on those two things, you can deliver value quickly to your users, all without having to land large consulting teams on-site. Our approach has been to re-think every aspect of BI & Analytics delivery, and you’ll benefit from a more efficient, less expensive model that delivers more value.

Red Pill Analytics Products

Trinity to help you see social media differently.

Checkmate to help you control and automate your analytics development lifecycle.

What We Do