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Snowflake Computing

We leverage Snowflake’s cloud data platform to deliver scalable and efficient data storage, processing, and analytics solutions, providing real-time insights and data integration.

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Google Cloud Platform

We utilize Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide scalable infrastructure and powerful data analytics. This ensures our clients benefit from excellent performance, advanced AI capabilities, and enhanced security.

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We use dbt to transform raw data into actionable insights through efficient data modeling and transformation. This enhances our ability to deliver precise and reliable analytics for our clients.


We rely on Fivetran to automate and simplify data integration. Fivetran seamlessly connects and syncs data from various sources, ensuring reliable and accurate analytics.

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Sigma Computing

We use Sigma Computing for its intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface that simplifies complex data analysis. This enables our clients to gain real-time insights, without the need for advanced SQL skills.


We use Cube to enhance our data analytics with its headless BI platform. Cube enables efficient querying and data modeling, providing fast and scalable insights directly from your data sources.


Rivery is a data integration platform that automates workflows and simplifies data management. It helps businesses seamlessly connect, transform, and manage data across various sources, ensuring reliable and scalable solutions for analytics and business intelligence.

What Our Clients Say

Real feedback from our clients.

“With the transformation of our company to be a data-driven business, it’s crucial to implement the right infrastructure that is scalable, flexible, and dependable.”

Financial Services Company

“Our team has freed up headcount to devote to merger and acquisitions related activities and not on cumbersome manual reporting.” 

CFO at Government Admin & Construction Company

“I was constantly surprised at what was possible. It was very helpful doing everything iteratively because I had sort of rough ideas at the very beginning, but I didn’t really know what was possible in these products.”

Head of MarComms at Google Play

“Having one place where we implement business logic across systems and having the consistency of reporting and analytics that utilize the same data and logic across the board is going to help us scale our business and data/analytics needs.”

Chief Architect at Financial Services Company

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