It’s the smaller things in life….

Open the dashboard editor in 12c, you’ll see a few changes.

What Changed??

Well, dashboard development has never been the sexiest task, but it is a little simpler now. You can browse to BI content in the Shared Folders, just as you could before, but now you can also browse to dashboard content.

In the past, we as developers have limited the customizations we built on real dashboards. Such luxuries were reserved for POCs and showing off to friends. This was such a gruesome task, that we couldn’t fathom making the effort more than once.

What This Means For You

This means that you can build your column and section formatting once, then import it into other dashboards. For those who spend hours customizing section and column properties, size dimensions, and labels, you can breathe a sigh of releif.

But guess what? This really isn’t new functionality…. Does this look familiar?

In Analysis Columns, style can be copied and pasted into another column.

The functionality we’ve always had in analysis column properties is now available in dashboards. Just one of many gifts Uncle Larry had for us in 12c.