BIWA Summit 2015

Like-mindedness isn’t always good, but there’s nothing like being at a conference where you know everyone there is attending for the same reason you are: great Oracle BI content and networking. While conferences like OpenWorld, Kscope, and Collaborate are great experiences in their own right, the reality is that they have to support a much larger Oracle ecosystem of people focused on many different areas within Oracle. This isn’t a bad thing, per se, but it’s great to go to a much different kind of conference with several hundred people all focused on BI, Data Warehousing, Big Data, and Analytics.

BIWA is a special interest group (SIG) within IOUG, the Independent Oracle User Group. “BIWA” is an amalgam of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Analytics, but at the BIWA Summit you’ll be sure to find Big Data and a newbie this year: Spatial. Because BIWA is a SIG, it has much more flexibility to uniquely cater to the audience it serves: data professionals. Couple that with the summit location, Oracle Headquarters, and you have the perfect storm for great content, great networking, and tremendous value.

Let’s talk about that value for a second: $349 for 3 days of content from Oracle ACEs, Oracle Product Management, and other smart users and speakers. Just about any other 3+ day Oracle conference out there is at least $1000 or more, and if you’re primarily focused on BI, there is no better value.

Stewart and I recently recorded a Real Time BI podcast episode with Dan Vlamis (Summit co-chair) and Matt Vranicar (BIWA board member) and we discussed how to become a member of BIWA as well as what you can expect from the Summit. It’s a great watch and a good way to learn more about what BIWA has to offer. You can find that episode here.

Stewart and I will both be at BIWA speaking on data integration and self-service BI. If you’re already going, look us up here and if you aren’t yet going, what are you waiting for? Register here.

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