How Should We Begin our 2016?

Where in the world will Red Pill Analytics be this January? Heading to California of course! Our 2016 calendar is already filling up with great events and opportunites in the Analytics, Business Intelligence and OBIEE spaces and it all begins this month. We are joining leading experts in the industry at the BIWA Summit on January 26-28.
“This is the second year in a row that Red Pill Analytics is the Media Sponsor for BIWA, which indicates our belief in this conference and it’s value to the community. Everything here is analytics and BI… that’s why I look forward to it every year.” — Stewart Bryson, ACE Director and owner and co-founder.
This event has had the support of the Red Pill Analytics’ founders, Kevin McGinley and Stewart Bryson, for over five years. This year they will show their support again by presenting and networking with world-leading industry BI and Data Warehouse professionals.

On Metadata, Mashups and the Future of Enterprise BI
Stewart Bryson
Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 1:20 – 2:10 PM
For years now we’ve heard the cry: “One version of the truth!” While organizations invested heavily to build systems capable of presenting that single truth, users struggled to find the data to answer questions specific to their individual departments or job responsibilities. While a curated, Common Enterprise Information Model is still the target state for BI systems, it doesn’t have to be the only game in town. What we really need is a BI tool that enables the speed and agility of departmental analytics while respecting the need of the enterprise to have a single, comprehensive voice.
In this presentation, we’ll embark on a State of the Nation of Oracle BI and it’s ability to satisfy two disparate camps: those looking exclusively for “one version of the truth”, and those looking for specialized analytics dependent on one place, one time, and one scenario. We’ll examine recent innovations in the OBIEE Metadata layer that allow users to “mashup” individual data sets with those curated by and for the enterprise. Finally, we’ll take an in-depth look at recent OBIEE infrastructure and lifecycle management enhancements that support faster, leaner and more targeted delivery.

Oracle Data Visualization vs. Answers: The Cage Match
Michelle Kolbe
Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 3:45–4:15 PM
As part of the BI Cloud Service and OBIEE 12c, Oracle has developed a new front-end tool called Oracle Data Visualization, which attempts to provide a more interactive ad-hoc capability using a combination of OBIEE Subject Areas and mashable spreadsheet files as data sources. However, Visual Analyzer will be both an additional license add-on to OBIEE as well as its own standalone tool. The customer is left to wonder, “Do I need Data Visualization, which version do I need, and if I have both Data Visualization and OBIEE Answers, which one do I use for what purpose?”
Thankfully, this session comes to the rescue and provides clarity around those questions via a cage match competition between the two! In the session, you’ll observe several use case scenarios executed by both tools and the benefits and weaknesses of each tool will be highlighted. The session will also discuss the different options for obtaining Visual Analyzer and how you can decide which version, if any, is right for you. And for those who decide to incorporate Data Visualization into their tool stack, the session will provide guidance on how you can build a matrix to decide which tool is best suited to meet a given user requirement.

What’s New With Oracle Business Intelligence 12c
Stewart Bryson
Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 10:05 – 10:55 AM
Oracle Business Intelligence 12c brings the promise of new front-end capabilities and back-end architecture changes to take Business Intelligence into the next generation. With more demand for end-user self-service features, the Oracle Business Intelligence stack is growing and expanding in ways that allows it to cater to users with more sophisticated demands, like the ability to mash-up external data with curated data and the ability to explore data without building “reports.” With these front-end changes come back-end enhancements to support external subject areas and a more sophisticated application layer. This session will explore these new features and examine the value proposition for Oracle BI 10g and 11g customers to upgrade.

OBIEE 12c and the Leap Forward in Lifecycle Management
Stewart Bryson
Thursday, Jan 28, 2016, 1:30 – 2:20 PM
One reason that OBIEE projects regularly languish between design and delivery is the product’s historical lack of concrete lifecycle and deployment capabilities. Whether adopting manual lifecycle processes, or scripting complex deployments, these solutions usually yield mixed results, but always highlight one clear conclusion: we need change.
With the newest release of OBIEE 12c, change has finally arrived. This session will detail the new BI Application Archive (BAR) file and it’s role in smoother migrations and increased developer productivity. We’ll take a peak under the covers at a new flexible, container-like architecture that makes the creation and application of these BAR files simple, but also provides enhanced lifecycle capabilities throughout.

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