Introducing Red Pill Analytics

Today, Kevin McGinley and myself are announcing Red Pill Analytics, a new analytics services company focused on Oracle business intelligence and data integration solutions.

First, let me get this out of the way: as exciting as I am for our new company, overall, the tone is bittersweet. Founding Red Pill Analytics of course meant that I had to leave Rittman Mead. I’ve spent almost five years with Rittman Mead, initially as the US Technical Director, then as the US Managing Director, and finally as the global Chief Innovation Officer. The name “Rittman Mead” has been the second line in my signature for a long time now. Hopefully they are as honored and proud of those five years as I am.

So what would cause me to embrace this new quest with Kevin? The truth is… We want to change the world! At least… we want to change the Oracle BI world, reworking traditional approaches to delivery. We blend conventional Oracle BI and DI consulting with optional subscription and cloud-based services to enable rapid delivery with a customer-focused approach. With our Checkmate solution, we embrace core development principles typically lacking in BI delivery projects: development operations, true multi-user development and continuous integration. We offer Checkmate in the cloud or on-premises. Our Capacity Analytics offering is unique in the BI space: it combines our Checkmate solution with an Agile project management approach to provide Development-as-a-Service for organizations using Oracle BI and DI products.

We also offer our Single Doses: services that are typically shorter in duration. These Single Doses are representative of a company with two Oracle ACE Directors in BI: strategy & roadmap consulting, architecture design, prototyping, and training.

We think we have a compelling story to tell… a story about real innovation and services that deliver value above all else. This story needed a metaphor… one that embodies the choice we all have when confronted with brand new approaches in the marketplace. In the end, we couldn’t find a better metaphor than the Red Pill from The Matrix.

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