I’m the Best Choice for the ODTUG Board

I’m the Best Choice for the ODTUG Board

If you know me well, then the title of this story shouldn’t surprise you. I’m not short on confidence (okay… pun intended). But let’s face it, everyone running for the board believes they are the best choice for ODTUG, or they wouldn’t waste the time and effort. And honestly… there are a lot of good—no great—choices for the board this year. When I saw the list of people running, it was a bittersweet moment: bitter, because I realized that getting elected would be an uphill battle; but sweet, because the future of ODTUG has never been brighter. Tim Tow, Danny Bryant, Sarah Zumbrum, Eric Helmer, Mike Riley, Roel Hartman… folks, we are going to be just fine. A vote for any of them is a vote for progress. Regardless… I’m not pulling punches here… I am your best candidate, so give me a few minutes to convince you. I have three planks in my platform that separate me from the rest.

Cross-Functional Capabilities

Quite often, we look to the ODTUG board not merely for their organizational and leadership capabilities, but also because of what they bring to the table technically. This is an organization by geeks for geeks, and our ODTUG board should be capable in the tools that we promote. In my career, I have worked as a DBA, a PL/SQL developer, an APEX developer, a Java developer, and an ETL developer, using all generations of Oracle’s tools for the later. I’ve worked extensively with Fusion Middleware, and of course, continue as a key contributor to the Oracle BI and EPM communities, being recognized perhaps globally as an expert on integrating these two areas. I hold strong connections in all these product lines, both internal to Oracle and in the community at large, and can provide a holistic view over the multiple technology tracks.

Leadership Capabilities

I’m a serial entrepreneur, founding or co-founding three successful companies over the last 10 years. Okay… so Red Pill Analytics is only five months old… but we’ve hired our sixth employee and the outlook is rosy. I am a leader… plain and simple. If I weren’t… then I wouldn’t ask for your vote. I have vast experience in managing finances and in delegating authority. With an optimistic eye to the future, I expect and welcome the industry leaders that I will work with on the ODTUG board.

Data-Driven Transformation

I saved the best for last. If you’ve read Competing on Analytics by Thomas Davenport, then you understand the following statement: if you aren’t innovating with data, then you are dying. ODTUG cannot afford to be passed in the left-lane when it comes to technology, especially when innovation is exactly what our members expect us to provide. The landscape is changing… data is the new currency. My most serious campaign promise, and the one I am uniquely capable of delivering: I will bring ODTUG into the new world. Every day I work with companies to help them drive insight from information, making tough decisions easier through the use of data. When my tenure on the board comes to an end, I want one clear legacy about my time here: No ODTUG Board Member, Content Committee Member or Volunteer should ever again utter these words: “We don’t have that kind of information available”.

We should know immediately what our most efficient marketing avenues are: not just the ones that produce the highest number of visits or impressions, but the ones that translate into memberships and attendances at the lowest price per conversion. We should use data to determine when we schedule webinars: both day of the week, and time of the day. Data should determine which venues we use, which organizations we partner with, and which vendors provide the most value.


Depending on how you view this story, you may or may not see the image of the Queen Mary in the header. For those unaware, Kscope 11 was held in Long Beach, CA, and the Wednesday Night Social Event was a huge party held on the Queen Mary. We had cover bands, comedy acts, dueling pianoes… the works. Most of all… we had fellowship. I may tear up a bit here, so bare with me… this was one of the best nights of my life. I became an ODTUG-er for life that night… absolutely no compromises.

I’ve never been more positive on the future of ODTUG. If you are reading this post as a non-ODTUG member, then contact me about joining the most practical, useful organization on the planet. If you are an ODTUG member… then I ask for your vote. It won’t be wasted, and it might be the most meaningful thing you do this year.