OBIA: 7.9.X to 11g (Informatica/DAC to ODI) Cross Reference Guide

The Big difference between Oracle BI Applications 7.9.X and 11g is the Integration or ETL tier. 11g no longer uses DAC or Informatica. Instead Oracle Data Integrator replaces those components. This cross-reference I created here is for those thinking of or moving to 11g from 7.9.X. Below, you will find a cross reference guide I created to map between the Informatica/DAC concepts to their ODI counter part(s). After the two cross-reference tables, there are 3 images used as a location reference for these ODI components.


Informatica to ODI

Image 1: Adaptors, Task Folders, Packages and Interfaces

Image 2: Models, Sub-models, Datastores, Indexes

Image 3: Load Plan (Components) used to generate the main load plan

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