Place your bets on Red Pill Analytics in Las Vegas for Collaborate16

Red Pill Analytics is looking forward to hitting the strip and linking up with other Oracle users and community members at Collaborate16 in Las Vegas on April 10–14, 2016. Red Pill will join the amazing list of presentations and panels filled with the latest tips and information about various Oracle topics.

Add these great sessions from Red Pill Analytics to your Collaborate16 schedule.

Getting Started With Data Discovery: You Don’t Have to Go Big to Gain Big
Kathryn Watson
April 11, 2016
9:15 AM–10:15 AM

Kicking off a data discovery initiative doesn’t have to be time, personnel, or cost consuming. In this session, we’ll walk through how one of the nation’s top cancer centers leveraged their existing Oracle and statistical platforms to get their data discovery initiative up and running with streamlined personnel and budgetary resources. Through this real-world use case, attendees will gain the knowledge they need to initiate data discovery in their own organizations, despite their personnel or budgetary constraints.

Oracle Data Visualization Vs. Answers: The Cage Match
Kevin McGinley
April 11, 2016
11:30 AM–12:30 PM

Oracle has released a new tool called Oracle Data Visualization, which attempts to provide a more ad-hoc capability for data analysis. However, Data Visualization will be both an additional license add-on to Oracle Business Intelligence as well as its own tool. The customer is left to wonder, “Do I need Data Visualization, which version do I need, and if I have both Data Visualization and Answers, which one do I use?” Thankfully, this session answers those questions via a cage match competition between the tools! This session will show both tools attack the same use cases, highlight the differences, and provide recommendations.

Where Does Oracle Data Visualization Fit In? Well… Everywhere
Stewart Bryson
April 11, 2016
12:45 PM–1:45 PM

Oracle Data Visualization is a new interactive analytics tool that produces rich visualizations with minimal effort, placing end users in complete control of discovering, analyzing and reporting on their data. Data Visualization was first introduced in the Oracle Cloud as a component of BI Cloud Service (BICS) and on it’s own as Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS). It later moved on-premise, first as an supplementally-licensed addition to Oracle BI (OBIEE) 12c, and finally as standalone products in both client and server form.

In this session, we’ll explore the architecture of the different on-premise versions of Data Visualization, while also comparing the capabilities between what’s on-premise and what’s in the Cloud. We’ll investigate Data Visualization’s capabilities around analyzing and visualizing standalone data sets, while also touring it’s capabilities around visualizing OBIEE subject areas, and “mashing-up” those subject areas with external data sources. Finally, we’ll look at ways Data Visualization can enhance project delivery by introducing new capabilities around data discovery and adhoc analysis… features that have traditionally been under-represented with Oracle BI.

We Agile-y Went Agile with BI
Michelle Kolbe
April 12, 2016
9:15 AM–10:15 AM

Are you concerned about long development times and then producing an analysis, data or results that your users didn’t actually want or do not end up using? We found that many of our projects would go into a black hole for a few weeks or months then when they emerged as a demo to our users, they didn’t like it. So we decided to switch to Agile development. After many iterations we found a methodology that worked for us and our users. With iterative releases, demos, and increased communication, our projects are more successful and our BI development team is happier. This talk will go over what we did to go agile and how we made this work for us.

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