GaOUG Tech Days Session

GaOUG Tech Days is just around the corner: May 9-10 to be exact. We have an incredible venue in Downtown Atlanta called the Loudermilk Center with exceptional event space throughout. We have a great collection of national speakers from the Oracle Community, so the locals in Atlanta can get a feel for larger, more national conferences […]

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cloud…

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is generally available (GA) today, and I’m excited to be included in this OAC blog hop welcome wagon. So I’m slumming it with a bunch of Essbase professionals, as you can see from the list of contributing authors below. It’s fascinating to see just how stoked the Essbase community is for […]

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OTN Appreciation Day: Oracle Data Integrator 12c Flexibility

Well… it looks like Oracle ACE Director and former colleague Michael Rainey beat me to the topic. But as I read his story… I realized I could approach this in a slightly different way, so I decided to press on with my own take on ODI 12c Flexibility for Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Appreciation Day. […]

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Groovy, Web Services and OBIEE 12c

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I’m a fan of the Groovy language. It’s unfettered support for closures has made it a popular choice for writing domain-specific language (DSL) projects such as Gradle and Jenkins, and the healthy dose of syntactic sugar spooned in at runtime means that developers spend less time boiler-plating and more time […]

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What You Positively Have to See in the Database Track at Kscope16

This blog post is an entry in the ODTUG Kscope16 Cross-Track Blog Hop, an exercise for Kscope expert regulars to take a walk on the wild side, and talk about must-see sessions in a foreign content track. The other Blog Hop entries are: APEX sessions not to be missed, as recommended by EPM expert Cameron Lackpour: […]

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Does Oracle Database 12c Just Not Work on Windows?

I’m super-excited about a presentation I’m giving with Kellyn PotVin-Gormanat RMOUG Training Days next month, called Performance Analytics: Visualizing the Power of the AWR Warehouse. Alright… if you insist… I’ll give a quick plug. Kellyn and the team have been working to build the AWR Warehouse component of Enteprise Manager to store Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) history for the […]

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Continuous Delivery of Analytics and BI: Part 1

Anytime I’m speaking or presenting on either AgileAnalytics or continuous integration/continuous delivery, I usually insert a “Shadow IT Wants Your Soul!” slide complete with an image of Batman lurking in the shadows. For one… I’m a super-hero fan, and there’s always room for Batman. But secondly, and this time seriously: the folks setting the pace for analytics and BI […]

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Concurrent RPD Development with OBIEE: The Checkmate Approach

Recently, my former colleague Robin Moffatt authored a blog post about approaches to Concurrent RPD Development, where he discussed some of the technical challenges around trying to use MDS XML as a core OBIEE repository development strategy. As usual, Robin’s attention to detail was spot-on, and he does a really nice job detailing some of the […]

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