Got Technology, Need Data? Here’s Where to Get It…For Free

The Data Challenge Have you ever wanted to assess or explore a new BI, analytics, data visualization, data science, etc. technology, but struggled to find a data set to use for your assessment and exploration activities? Have you grown tired of analyzing the “typical” datasets–think census, stock market, and employment and inflation rate data–known to be publicly available? […]

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OTN Appreciation Day: A Journey From Newbie to Veteran

As a business professional with little prior technical experience who moved over to the technical side of an Oracle-centric organization, the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) was an invaluable resource for me to quickly make the transition from newbie to full fledged Oracle developer. Thanks to OTN resources like product documentation, technical articles, discussion forums, tutorials,

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Influential Women in Technology

To celebrate Women’s History Month, the morning radio program today was asking people to name a woman that has influenced them whom they’ve never met. This question got me thinking. What would you say? Who’s influenced you? The responses on the program ranged from Lady Gaga to Hillary Clinton to Mother Teresa. My response would

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Making Stuff Up

My whole data career has been about finding the truth within data, seeking correlations within and between data sources (and not always relational sources at that). You get to notice patterns in the world and even develop skills to spot outliers on a rapidly scrolling screen. In those early days I used tools like i2

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User Groups Matter

How many times this week have you googled a technical question and found a blog, an article, a forum post or slides from a presentation? I do this multiple times per day! And while my undergraduate degree taught me a lot, especially how to approach problems, I learned most of what I know about business

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BIWA Summit 2015

Like-mindedness isn’t always good, but there’s nothing like being at a conference where you know everyone there is attending for the same reason you are: great Oracle BI content and networking. While conferences like OpenWorld, Kscope, and Collaborate are great experiences in their own right, the reality is that they have to support a much

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