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Meetup: Atlanta Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse User Group

Snowflake and the Data Marketplace

December 11, 2019
6:00 – 8:00 PM

Join this Meetup Group for a presentation by Stewart Bryson. Analysts often spend too much time finding, cleaning and organizing data, and not enough time using it to drive decision-making. One option is to centralize data delivery within an IT infrastructure team, but historically, these teams have been slow and unresponsive, and the full value of analytics never realized.

In this presentation, we’ll explore how Snowflake enabled an enterprise-wide initiative at Be The Match to democratize data, decrease time to market, and introduce a data-driven, self-service culture. With Snowflake’s shared data, multi-cluster architecture as the foundation, we’ll describe how we built a data marketplace with clean, sensible data sets to provide a middle ground between the data lake and data warehouse.