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Webinar: All I Need Is SQL and a DAG

Stewart Bryson

April 7, 2020  – 1:00 PM EST

While enterprise data and analytics software has been abstracting SQL out of our daily lives for decades, distributed data platforms and cloud-native data warehouses have been pushing their chips all in with SQL, and virtually all big data technologies now support it. We all know SQL, so why do enterprise software vendors think it’s such a sin to actually use it?

In this presentation, I’ll describe a modern approach to data integration and ETL using plain SQL and a directed acyclic graph, or DAG. Using the open-source dbt (Data Build Tool) project for demo purposes, we’ll see data and analytics delivered with a modern software discipline, including version control and code review, automated testing, and continuous integration and delivery.

Webinar: Stump The Experts

April 15, 2020  – 1:00 PM EST

Do you have a question about cloud migration, distributed data platforms, or analytics modernization? Attend this webinar and ask your question. Take advantage of our moderated open forum with Red Pill Analytics Experts. We’ll be covering all our analytics bases with team members experienced in Snowflake, Looker, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, Fivetran, dbt, confluent, StreamSets, Segment, and WhereScape.

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