This isn't your average support

Red Pill Analytics’ support offerings give you direct access to our team of experts, a dedicated support portal, and quick response times.

Industry Experts


Red Pill Analytics combines the best elements of cloud, agile development-as-a-service, and continuous delivery to provide the best analytics support for your team.

Modern Analytics


We believe analytics delivery should focus less on up-front definition and more on rapid, iterative evolution.

Customized Support


We offer various support options, helping you benefit from a more efficient, more valuable, and less expensive business model.

Why use Red Pill Analytics for support?


Our support professionals have decades of analytics expertise to help you convert or add emerging technologies.


We make it easy; hire one company for all of your data and analytics needs.


More cost-efficient than hiring multiple employees to cover various skill sets, application & technical support.


Our support services offer quick turnaround times to achieve faster time-to-value.


 Let our team stay on top of product changes and updates so your team can focus on mission-critical tasks.


 You’ll receive a Dedicated Account Manager for all support levels, simplifying the support process.

Support Options

Explore the options below to see response times for our various support options.


160 an hour
  • 10 hours of support a month
  • Includes support from industry experts through a dedicated support portal


160 an hour
  • 20 hours of support a month
  • Includes our cloud readiness assessment ($4,000 value)


  • 40+ hours of support a month
  • Includes our cloud readiness assessment ($4,000 value) and one month of rollover support

* Contact us for more information on pricing

*All plans include a quarterly support review to discuss the prior quarter’s performance and plan for the upcoming quarter.

Kickstart Option

We have found that before a support agreement is started, there is often a backlog of needs or even a mini-project that needs to be completed.

The Kickstart allows you to pre-purchase a block of 10 hours of support at a reduced cost to get your environments exactly where they need to be.