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Drill to Detail

Mark Rittman is joined by special guests Drew Banin, co-founder of Fishtown Analytics and maintainer of dbt (data build tool) and Stewart Bryson, long-time friend of the show and CEO/Co-founder of Red Pill Analytics to talk about scaling modern data stack projects from startups to the enterprise; how do you deal with data quality issues when there’s no central record of customers, how do we introduce data governance, enterprise requirements and meet the needs of enterprise architects and how do we scale concepts such as agile and analytics as engineering beyond our initial champion and data team?

Episode Title: Ep.79 'Scaling the Modern Data Analytics Stack' with Special Guests Drew Banin and Stewart Bryson

Date: Apr 20, 2020

Length: 56 minutes

Streaming Audio: A Confluent podcast about Apache Kafka

Learn all about the process of migrating from traditional ETL tools to an event streaming platform in this informative Podcast. Stewart Bryson dispels misconceptions around what “streaming ETL” means, and explains why event streaming and event-driven architectures compel us to rethink old approaches. He’ll also discuss Gradle and how it’s being used at Red Pill Analytics.

Episode Title: ETL and Event Streaming Explained ft. Stewart Bryson

Date: Nov 6, 2019

Length: 49 minutes

Drill to Detail

Mark Rittman, Founder and CEO of Rittman Analytics is joined by returning guests Tristan Handy, Founder and CEO of Fishtown Analytics and Stewart Bryson, Founder and CEO of Red Pill Analytics to talk about the recent acquisitions of Looker by Google Cloud Platform and Tableau by Salesforce, the wider story about consolidation in the BI industry and whether the trend in analytics tools is towards enterprise features … or open source?

Episode Title: Ep.69 'Looker, Tableau and Consolidation in the BI Industry' featuring Special Guests Tristan Handy and Stewart Bryson

Date: June 24, 2019

Length: 57 minutes

Google Cloud Platform Podcast

In this episode, Google Play Marketing is the customer of Google Cloud Platform. Melanie and Mark chat with Dom Elliott (Google Play) and Stewart Bryson (Red Pill Analytics) about how they use our big data processing and visualisation tools to introspect what is happening in the Google Play ecosystem. Learn the details on how they used the Google Cloud Platform to build a serverless digital marketing platform for Google Play MarComms.

Episode Title: Google Play Marketing with Dom Elliot and Stewart Bryson

Date: Feb 20, 2018

Length: 38 minutes

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Webinar: Does Your Data Have a Story? Find Out with Oracle Analytics

Oracle Data Visualization makes it easy to get insight from your data. This stunningly visual and intuitive analytics application enables you to access, blend, and wrangle a variety of sources including spreadsheets, databases, and applications, and ultimately tell the story of your data. In this session, we’ll learn about the capabilities of Oracle Data Visualization to create compelling analytic narratives and explore techniques to gain insights previously only accessible to advanced users. Attendees will experience a live demonstration of data storytelling.

Webinar: Stump the Expert

Do you have a question about cloud migration, distributed data platforms, or analytics modernization? Attend this webinar and ask your question. Take advantage of our moderated open forum with Red Pill Analytics Experts. We’ll be covering all our analytics bases with team members experienced in Snowflake, Looker, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, Fivetran, dbt, confluent, StreamSets, Segment, and WhereScape. Special thanks to Stewart Bryson, Mike Jelen, Mike Fuller, and Neal Achord. 

Webinar: All I Need Is SQL and a DAG

Join Stewart Bryson for this free Red Pill Analytics Webinar. While enterprise data and analytics software has been abstracting SQL out of our daily lives for decades, distributed data platforms and cloud-native data warehouses have been pushing their chips all in with SQL, and virtually all big data technologies now support it. We all know SQL, so why do enterprise software vendors think it’s such a sin to actually use it? In this presentation, I’ll describe a modern approach to data integration and ETL using plain SQL and a directed acyclic graph, or DAG. Using the open-source dbt (Data Build Tool) project for demo purposes, we’ll see data and analytics delivered with a modern software discipline, including version control and code review, automated testing, and continuous integration and delivery.

Webinar: Data Engineering and the Death of Visual ETL

A funny thing happened on the way to modern, data-driven analytics: we ditched the GUI for ETL development. There are drawbacks to moving data using code instead of clicks, especially for organizations heavily invested in visual tools. But writing code has an upside as well. In this presentation, we’ll explore the data engineering discipline, and how it compares to conventional ETL. Using Databricks and Snowflake together, we’ll look at classic batch and modern streaming use cases, and consider DataOps requirements around testing and delivery where code really shines. And we’ll do it all inside of an interactive notebook.

Webinar: Know What Your Cloud Data Warehouse is...and Isn't

Join Red Pill Analytics and Stewart Bryson for our latest webinar. Cloud data warehousing is not a new concept, but why is a data warehouse built for the cloud so much different from its on-premises predecessors? During this webinar, you’ll hear from industry expert Stewart Bryson as he describes the current state of on-premisses date warehousing and then dives into what makes a cloud data warehouse architecture so different and more effective. Watch as he draws up and discusses each architecture “live.” Various cloud data warehouse technologies will be described, including Google BigQuery, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Snowflake. Attendees will leave empowered with knowledge that will help prepare them for the future of data warehousing.

Webinar: The New Face of Oracle Analytics

We are creatures of habit. Oracle Analytics is a mature solution, and mature solutions cause a natural tendency to stay the course concerning what we create and how we create it. But is this tendency causing us to settle for just good enough? From OBIEE to Data Visualization Desktop to Oracle Analytics Cloud… this is not your grandfather’s OBIEE. Maybe it’s time for a reboot? Join ACE Director, Stewart Bryson in this presentation where we will explore the new face of Oracle Analytics, both directly with Data Visualization, and indirectly with how advances in the platform can affect our approach and methodology. If you are new to Oracle Analytics, I’ll convince you that this product is capable of fostering modern, data-driven cultures. If you’ve been around the block already with OBIEE, then I’ll make you question how you’ve delivered analytics in the past.