Partnering with Peak Indicators

Stewart and I have both conducted training frequently in our past lives, so one of the things we wanted to include within Red Pill Analytics’ offerings is Oracle training. We’ve found over the years that boutiques tend to deliver a better training experience than Oracle because the trainers tend to be people with real world experience, not just full-time trainers. This allows the trainer to enrich the structured course material with more meaningful context, or to borrow a phrase, “put meat on the bone.”

Upon founding Red Pill Analytics, we were faced with a tough decision: license training material or build our own. Frankly, the more we thought about it, the easier the decision became to license existing material. First, we feel we can bring our own unique experiences to any material, with the material serving as a guide or structure to follow. More importantly, however, there was already great training content out there that was a perfect fit for us to license: the training offered by Peak Indicators.

Peak Indicators and Tony Heljula have been friends of Stewart and I for several years. They do great work in Europe and are some of the smartest people in the Oracle BI business. They offer a wide-range of training, but don’t really service North or South America, which opened the door for a great partnership between us.

We will start with “at-your-site” training at first, then we’ll evaluate virtual and “at-our-office” training over time. We have some interesting ideas where we can venture into new territory, but we wanted to get base offerings up quickly to provide you with immediate options. The courses we plan to offer are:

  • OBIEE 11g Advanced Bootcamp
  • ODI 11g Advanced Bootcamp
  • OBIEE 11g Advanced Modeling
  • OBIEE 11g Advanced Reports & Dashboards
  • OBIEE 11g Advanced SOA Spatial
  • Oracle BI Publisher Basics

If you would like to schedule any of these courses at your site, please contact us through the website here or email us at info @

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