Cloud Presentation

Big Data Tundra: Creating a Flexible Cloud Based Data Ecosystem

Did you miss Phil Goerdt and Mike Fuller‘s presentation about Cloud computing and storing data at MinneAnalytics #BIgDataTech last week? Let us share their presentation with you! Download it here! Cloud computing has changed how organizations use, access and store their data. While these paradigms have shifted, the traditional way of thinking about databases and data warehouses remain steadfast in […]

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Modules of Knowledge

One of the features of Oracle Data Integrator that sets it apart from other data integration tools is the use of Knowledge Modules to define how parts of the data integration process occur. The developer creates a data load mapping from sources, joins, filters and targets (and in ODI 12 even more components are available). […]

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Kicking with JSON in the Snow

Employees at the Minneapolis Red Pill Analytics office recently had the luxury of sitting with Snowflake’s Steve Herskovitz for some on-site education. Among other things, one of my key takeaways from the exercise was how simple it is to query JSON data in the Snowflake Data Warehouse. The syntax is straightforward and makes the process […]

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