If you’re looking to modernize your data, there’s no avoiding the lake analogies. So we figured we’d jump right into the Data Lake, Data Warehouse, and the brew of both: Data Lakehouse. Join us as we explain what they mean for the uninitiated.    What is a data lake? Simplified, it’s the storage where data [...]

May 17, 2017


by: Phil Goerdt


Categories: Analytics, Business Intelligence, IT Management

My last few blog posts have discussed how data failure happens, and how we can change failure into success (with a little economic thinking). Continuing with that train of thought, in this post I’ll be discussing how we can better implement analytic solutions by challenging the convention of requirements gathering. Don’t “Gather Requirements”. Hunt for […]

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is generally available (GA) today, and I’m excited to be included in this OAC blog hop welcome wagon. So I’m slumming it with a bunch of Essbase professionals, as you can see from the list of contributing authors below. It’s fascinating to see just how stoked the Essbase community is for […]

The Data Challenge Have you ever wanted to assess or explore a new BI, analytics, data visualization, data science, etc. technology, but struggled to find a data set to use for your assessment and exploration activities? Have you grown tired of analyzing the “typical” datasets–think census, stock market, and employment and inflation rate data–known to be publicly available? […]

October 31, 2016


by: GregSuk


Categories: Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Excel, Tableau

Tableau has been around for awhile now and is sort of the “name brand” when referring to new cloud and lightweight BI platforms. Given its stature I thought I would download the newest version (Tableau 10), kick the tires, and see what it’s all about. You can download a free trial and test it for [...]