Operationalize with The Construct, our new service offer.
The Construct is an operationalization service to support the leap into Modernization. We take away the heavy lifting of implementation with different package options based on your needs. Red Pill Analytics will provide you with the necessary groundwork to build the foundation to move onto data-driven practices.

Construct Your Data Lakehouse:

Snowflake - BIgQuery - Oracle Autonomous

The construct offers you the support and execution to get through the necessary steps to build a strong foundation for your new move to modernization. Red Pill Analytics makes sure you complete the important steps needed accurately and …..

Step 1: Security


Sentence about security step here

Step 2: Data Ingest Patterns

Data Ingest Patterns

Sentence about Data Ingest Patterns step here

Step 3: DevOps and Automate Deployments

DevOps and Automate Deployments

Sentence about DevOps and Automate Deployments step here

Step 4: Design, Platform Size & Elastic Scaling

Design, Platform Size & Elastic Scaling

Sentence about Design, Platform Size & Elastic Scaling step here

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The Construct. It all starts here.

Learn more about the steps required to Operationalize your modern investment.


  • Configure integration with your security provider (authentication vs authorization w/ your security provider). 
  • Help you define a functional authorization hierarchy based upon your security matrix. 
  • Implement your organizational hierarchy. (let’s stay w/ vague phrasing).

Data Ingest Patterns

  • Define replication strategies
  • Define file-based data ingestion
  • Integration with third party data providers
  • Landing of both batch


DevOps and Automate Deployments

  • Assistance in Strategy and Planning of a cloud-based CI/CD Platform (if necessary)
  • Prototyping object and pipeline deployments

Design, Platform Size & Elastic Scaling

Compute sizing and storage-tier sizing.

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