Red Pill Heads Back to Vegas for Collaborate17

Red Pill Analytics is looking forward to heading back to Las Vegas for Collaborate17 on April 2– 6, 2016. We are lucky to have our presenters join the amazing list of presentations and panels on the  schedule.

Make sure to add these great sessions from Red Pill Analytics to your Collaborate17 schedule.

Tomorrow’s analytics are the addition of today’s descriptive analytics with predictive and prescriptive insights. From uncovering patterns and sentiment in unstructured text, to examining demographic factors and historical trends to predict future behavior, to proactively prescribing actions to improve future outcomes, tomorrow’s analytics go above and beyond the reporting and examination of trends in KPIs and key metrics. With Oracle Advanced Analytics, you can deliver tomorrow’s analytics today within your existing analytics platform.
This session will detail the advanced analytics concept and the supporting functionality delivered by the Oracle Advanced Analytics offering. Topics will include:

  • What is Advanced Analytics?
  • Overview of Oracle Advanced Analytics
  • Deliver Tomorrow’s Analytics Today
  • Use Cases
  • Demos of Use Cases Using Oracle Advanced Analytics
  • Get Started with Advanced Analytics in Your Own Organization

During this session, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the concepts and importance of advanced analytics and its role in the future of BI and analytics. We will not only highlight the technical offerings of the Oracle Advanced Analytics product, but we will also detail various advanced analytics use cases and demo their delivery via the different components of the Oracle Advanced Analytics product. At the conclusion of the session, attendees will be well equipped to begin advanced analytics initiatives within their own organizations, no matter their current level of analytic maturity.

While traditional data warehouses excel at sourcing data from enterprise applications, they usually fail at handling the volume, velocity and variety of data for modern analytics applications relying on Big and Fast Data. Instead of modeling these data sources into a system that doesn’t fit, let’s apply a new software design pattern to analytics: microservices. Microservices are small, independent applications–building blocks that provide only a distinct subset of functionality–that can be stacked together to build an end-to-end platform.
In this presentation, we’ll explore using Apache Kafka and the Confluent Platform 3.0 as the data streaming hub for ingesting data bound for downstream analytic applications: an enterprise data warehouse, a Hadoop cluster for batch processing, and lightweight, purpose-built microservices in the Cloud or on-premises. Experience the next generation of analytic platforms.

Michelle Kolbe Twitter Image

Women in Technology Panel Discussion

Apr 5, 2017
9:45 AM – 10:45 AM
Kathleen Fauerbach, City of Las Vegas
Denise Grills, JD Edwards
Andee Harris, High Ground
Michelle Kolbe, Red Pill Analytics

An exciting panel of women in the technology field provides a forum to discuss personal experiences and strategies for success. Men are welcome!

The benefits of knowing your data before embarking on a BI or big data project are endless. Sure you can buy a tool to help with this. Or you could use R, an open source tool. This session will dig into methods for using R to connect to your data source to see visual and tabular analyses of your dataset. You’ll learn how to find missing data, outliers, and unexpected values. If you don’t know R or you are wanting to learn more functions within R, you’ll benefit from this session.

Oracle Data Visualization makes it easy to get insight from your data. This stunningly visual and intuitive desktop application enables you to access, blend, and wrangle a variety of sources including spreadsheets, databases, and applications and tell the story of your data. In this session learn about the capabilities of Oracle Data Visualization to create compelling analytics narratives including how you can rapidly apply advanced analytics techniques to gain insights previously only accessible to advanced users.

This is low tech overview of the skill sets and new technologies you will need to master in order to make the transition from your current position to that of a proficient Oracle Business Intelligence Administrator. This paper will focus on concepts of Data Warehousing, the application components and administrative duties. It will provide a full overview of all the tasks necessary to manage a Business Intelligence implementation. This presentation is based on Oracle Business Intelligence 12c but will address 11g and Business Intelligence Cloud Service implementations as well. One CPE credit will be granted per 50-minute onsite course hour.

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