Stewart Bryson for the Win

ODTUG Kscope has two new reasons for being the best conference in the Oracle community. This year, Red Pill Analytics Co-founder and CEO Stewart Bryson was recognized for his accomplishments twice — with the Innovation Award, and the Best Speaker Award in the Big Data & Data Warehousing Track. These kudos added to a week of great food, fantastic people and amazing content that make Kscope one of our favorite events.

ODTUG Board Members, Karen Cannell & Natalie Delemar Presenting the Innovation Award to Stewart Bryson


At the General Session on Monday, Stewart Bryson was awarded ODTUG’s third annual Innovation Award. This award is given to an ODTUG Community Member who develops a creative and innovative idea using or benefiting an Oracle Development Tool. (The Innovation what? Read more about the award here.) Stewart was selected for his development of Red Pill Analytics’ free product Checkmate. If you’re new to Checkmate, then here’s a high-level description as well as a link to get more information:


The motivation for building Checkmate was to support basic software development lifecycles and workflows with Oracle Analytics development. This meant supporting real continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. Checkmate lets developers develop and helps accomplish this by; increasing productivity using full workstations, adding source control to insulate against human error, and using source control to manage integrations. You can download Checkmate for free and learn more about it here.


And the next award goes to…

ODTUG’s President Natalie Delemar Presenting the Best Speaker Award to Stewart Brys


Kscope18 always culminates with a closing session and awards are presented for the best speakers in each track based on attendee feedback.

Stewart was honored to take home the award for the Best Speaker in the Big Data & Data Warehousing Track for his presentation What We Learned Building Analytics for Google. This presentation describes the architecture, design decisions, and pure joy we experienced using the Google Cloud Platform for our customer Google Play Marketing & Communications. Stewart discusses how BigQuery, App Engine, PubSub, Cloud Functions, and Data Studio were integrated to build a complete marketing analytics platform measuring user engagement from sources including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google+, and AdWords

Thank you ODTUG for another successful and eventful Kscope experience. Its an unparalleled event in terms of content and experience. We look forward to 2019! Check out our photo album from the week on our Facebook page. You can see this event and others we are involved in by following us on social media or on our Events page.