I’m the Best Choice for the ODTUG Board If you know me well, then the title of this story shouldn’t surprise you. I’m not short on confidence (okay… pun intended). But let’s face it, everyone running for the board believes they are the best choice for ODTUG, or they wouldn’t waste the time and effort. […]

October 23, 2014

In Part 1 of my story on OBIEE’s Direct Database Request (DDR), I walked through the basic process of how to use DDR for directly querying a database mapped ino the RPD without using logical SQL, bypassing the metadata layer and going straight to the connection pool. In Part 2, I’ll be pointing out what works differently […]

September 8, 2014

I will be speaking at Oracle OpenWorld on Self-Service BI for Super Usersand the purpose of the talk is to outline various approaches and tips for leveraging different features across OBIEE, BI Publisher, and Endeca Information Discovery to enable better self-service capabilities for your users. Unfortunately, “self-service” is one of those terms like “big data” — ask 20 […]

August 28, 2014

Stewart and I have both conducted training frequently in our past lives, so one of the things we wanted to include within Red Pill Analytics’ offerings is Oracle training. We’ve found over the years that boutiques tend to deliver a better training experience than Oracle because the trainers tend to be people with real world […]

August 7, 2014

Everywhere I go, the sentiment is the same: the development lifecycle is hard in OBIEE. This sentiment rarely surfaces in the first implementation, but rather creeps-in over time, eventually whacking you upside the head with a baseball bat. You groan, moan, whine, curse, and start throwing things, but it doesn’t change reality. Then you start […]

July 1, 2014

Kscope is my favorite conference all year. ODTUG is such a fantastic organization with great people, great followers, and always great content. Seriously, if you haven’t become a member yet, you should. The great thing about Kscope is that it’s more like going to a bootcamp training event than a conference. I find that many conferences are often littered with […]

June 20, 2014

With just the first round of Oracle OpenWorld acceptances hitting email inboxes on June 10, Red Pill Analytics is honored to already have four sessions selected for the big show. Kevin McGinley and myself each had two sessions selected. Kevin’s main conference selection is entitled Self-Service BI for Super Users, Session ID CON6414, discussing building a BI […]

June 10, 2014

Today, Kevin McGinley and myself are announcing Red Pill Analytics, a new analytics services company focused on Oracle business intelligence and data integration solutions. First, let me get this out of the way: as exciting as I am for our new company, overall, the tone is bittersweet. Founding Red Pill Analytics of course meant that I had […]

June 8, 2014

In Part 1 of this post, I wrote about why you might want to add third-party visualization capabilities for OBIEE and gave a brief explanation how to setup one approach: calling java visualization engines. In Part 2 I walked through a detailed example of how to actually do this using a visualization engine called Flot. In this post I […]

June 7, 2014