The Unprecedented Sentiment of Giving in 2020

If there’s one thing we’re tired of this year, it’s canned marketing campaigns filled with false sentiment.

We know what they really mean:

“We’re in This Together” 

Please continue to buy our stuff.

“Now, more than ever.. “

What we’re selling is still important.

And the worst offender:

“In these unprecedented times..”

I will get your attention with unnecessary cliches.

Now, onto what we really mean. Every Thanksgiving at Red Pill, we try to give back a little. We’re lucky. We all work from home, and we’ve continued to thrive while others have had their entire livelihoods pulled out from under them. We love what we do. And our coworkers. There’s no false comradery, our jokes and memes are terrible, but the laughter is real. We’re passionate. In short, our work environment couldn’t get any better and when we say we appreciate that and want to give back, we mean it. This year, we decided to join #TeamFeed with Feeding America. Every $1 donated helps provide at least 10 meals, which is astounding.

When we look back at 2020 in the decades to come, there’s no doubt that we’ll reflect and learn from this absolutely *unprecedented* year. But what we do know now, is that it’s made us even more grateful for what we have, and one way to express that is through giving.

So we want to thank all of our friends for being a part of it and helping us reach our goal of $2000. We’re almost there. If you’d like to help before the December 18th cutoff,

We will also match every cent donated to our campaign. Thank you to all of you, for joining us in giving.

*Disclaimer: We may be guilty of these phrases in the past. Please forgive us.

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