GaOUG Tech Days Session

GaOUG Tech Days is just around the corner: May 9-10 to be exact. We have an incredible venue in Downtown Atlanta called the Loudermilk Center with exceptional event space throughout. We have a great collection of national speakers from the Oracle Community, so the locals in Atlanta can get a feel for larger, more national conferences […]

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Which Version Was It Again?

Recently I had to verify the version of an OBIEE installation for a client. As I was already ssh-ed into the Linux machine, I figured there was a way to determine the version without having to log into the presentation server. Turns out, I was right, but for thoroughness sake, I’ll cover both approaches. Using […]

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greg suk boils down blog

It All Boils Down To Starting Temperature

We have seen recently how easily false narratives get picked up and repeated so many times that eventually it is believed as true. Perhaps this is an idea that was borrowed from cooking. Cooking has long been rife with traditions and ideas that have been passed down from generation to generation that while the original […]

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Trending Up

Trending Up Using the Trend Line Function in OBIEE 12c One of the new features in OBIEE 12c is the availability of an “internal” R instance. This instance will allow the execution of R scripts, and the folks at Oracle have been kind enough to include some functions out of the box with the OBIEE 12c […]

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Got Technology, Need Data? Here’s Where to Get It…For Free

The Data Challenge Have you ever wanted to assess or explore a new BI, analytics, data visualization, data science, etc. technology, but struggled to find a data set to use for your assessment and exploration activities? Have you grown tired of analyzing the “typical” datasets–think census, stock market, and employment and inflation rate data–known to be publicly available? […]

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