GitHub Source Code: “What the? How? Why? Why isn’t this workingggg…?!?” -Me Embedded electronics is a personal hobby of mine; the ability to write low level code, compile it, run it and see physical changes in the real world (spinning motors, flashing LEDs, sound, encoder input, etc.) is an incredible feeling. With the emergence […]

January 6, 2018


by: Mike Fuller


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Written by: Phil Goerdt and Mike Fuller Several years ago, I was working on an enterprise reporting project at a Fortune 15 company at about the same time that cloud-based services were really starting to catch on. During one of our meetings, a colleague of mine on the client side asked me to “explain what […]

Some tips, tricks and thoughts on using Google Data Studio Red Pill Analytics recently delivered a solution that exclusively used Google Cloud Platform. Our client, a marketing team at Google, wanted to know how they were engaging with users across several online channels. We used Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, AdWords, among other sources via BigQuery to […]

June 12, 2017


by: Lauren Prezby


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Did you miss Phil Goerdt and Mike Fuller‘s presentation about Cloud computing and storing data at MinneAnalytics #BIgDataTech last week? Let us share their presentation with you! Download it here! Cloud computing has changed how organizations use, access and store their data. While these paradigms have shifted, the traditional way of thinking about databases and data warehouses remain steadfast in […]

April 19, 2017


by: pete.scott


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That title sounds a little weird, tunnels go through the ground and clouds are those fluffy things that float in the sky. However when we are talking about Oracle Cloud and SSH tunneling things make a lot more sense. Although this blog is specific to the Oracle Cloud Database, tunneling is a generic technique and […]

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is generally available (GA) today, and I’m excited to be included in this OAC blog hop welcome wagon. So I’m slumming it with a bunch of Essbase professionals, as you can see from the list of contributing authors below. It’s fascinating to see just how stoked the Essbase community is for […]

October 17, 2016


by: GregSuk


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In this series I have been exploring various cloud Buisness Intelligence product offerings from companies like Domo and Tableau. Now it is time to review Oracle’s newish offering Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS). First of all, if you are going to combine data sources for your analysis, versus having, say, a single spreadsheet to load, the easiest [...]