Here’s looking at you, Looker JOIN 2019

Looker is at it again, bringing together the best data enthusiasts on the planet. Since we had such an absurdly enjoyable time at last year’s JOIN (read about it in our blog here), we were hyped for pre-conference celebration. Consider this our tailgating.

Mike Jelen, representing Red Pill Analytics at Looker JOIN 18, takes home the partner award for Real-Time Analytics.

If you’re new to Looker JOIN, it’s an annual 3-day data conference on the west coast. This year’s conference will be located in the SVN district of San Francisco, a historic area that oozes character. Dating back to the roaring 1920s, it has hosted countless legendary performers  — including BB King and Janis Joplin. Can you imagine a more pleasant buffer to the more mundane aspects of conference attending? You’ll also be in the heart of San Francisco so you can quickly uber your way to urban exploration. Craft beer and street food, anyone?

The Convergence of Data People

JOIN 2019 Nov 5–7 | SVN West, San Francisco

What to Expect at Looker JOIN 2019

Honestly, it just gets better every year. Besides the gorgeous venues, JOIN has much to offer for all levels of data experience; whether you’re a seasoned Looker aficionado or an inquisitive business leader, it’s easy to customize your agenda.

Content Tracks (also found here) include:

  • Analytics for Every Use: Help your team find new ways to achieve success using the power of data. Whether you’re looking for tips on an existing analytics project or seeking new ways to fuel your organization with data, this track is for you. See how leading organizations use data to address departmental and vertical use cases and to manage SaaS data sources. This track will focus on real-world best practices for data projects large and small.
  • Leading a Data-Driven Organization: This track will help you lead your business to develop data literacy, to deliver data directly in user workflows, and to encourage the growth of a data-driven culture. Learn from your peers and industry experts on how to nurture the adoption of data tools, build amazing dashboards and compelling explores, and produce strategic business impact through data.
  • Building and Monetizing Applications: Learn from experts on how to leverage data assets in new ways, build analytics into your products, and monetize data using the Looker platform. You’ll learn how to build application experiences that allow your customers to drill deeper, explore scheduled alerts, and ask more of their data. This track will also discuss best practices for productizing analytics, meeting customer demand for data, and using data to build competitive advantage.
  • Advanced Data Modeling Methods: Learn how innovative Looker users are building advanced development workflows and customized data experiences. We’ll discuss how successful teams use the Looker API, SDKs, and other powerful aspects of the data platform to augment and automate their Looker use case. Meet with power-users from Looker’s analyst and developer community, and get their views on everything from data science and augmented analytics to open source tools and developer best practices.
  • Hands-on Labs: Work with experts to advance your skills on topics ranging from introductory data analysis to integrating data science workflows. Take away concrete actionable learnings on topics like table calculations and building environments that encourage data exploration. Bring your laptop for prototyping real work for rapid implementation.

You’ll find access to a plethora of worthwhile activities:

  • 50+ informative session by industry experts
  • 35+ Hands-on labs, for all levels of experience
  • Inspiring Keynotes

There’s also the Hackathon, a riveting event where attendees are challenged to build tools for the Looker Data Platform.

Are you overwhelmed? Don’t be. Last year, between the whirlwind of activity, we found it unexpectedly easy to rest and recharge. There were bountiful snacks and seating around nearly every corner. We expect the same level of comfort from Looker Join 19. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll walk away with actionable ideas to apply when you get home.

If you haven’t registered for JOIN yet, head over to registration. Red Pill Analytics is a Sponsor at the event, so stop by our booth for Looker discussion… or for a casual hello. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we’re offering a fun promotion to help you literally See Data Differently.

Red Pill Analytics is a Looker Partner experienced not only in working with Looker but also advising organizations on overall data strategy. Our knowledge spans a variety of offerings across all of the major public cloud providers. From proof-of-concept to implementation to training your users, we can help. If you are interested in guidance while working with any of your data projects, feel free to reach out to us on our website or find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.